Travel / Customs Information

If you are traveling to Germany you will need a valid passport.

Traveling to Germany with your cat

What do you need for kitty to enter Germany?
1. Your cat/kitten must be microchipped. *
2. Your cat/kitten must have a valid rabies vaccination. **
3. You must have a valid health certificate as proof of above information. ***

Requirements for going back home:
There is no check on the EU side of your flight back home. You only have to fulfill your own country's requirements. For the USA this means a health certificate, not more than 10 days old, with proof of valid rabies vaccination (at least 30 days old, not older than 12 months, unless a 3-year rabies vaccine was used).

* Microchip Information
The microchip should be compliant with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO Standard 11785. If this is not the case the person accompanying the cat "must provide the means necessary for reading the transponder" (which means you must bring along a compatible chip reader).

The AVID Eurochip is available in the US and is readable in Europe. I have also read on two different US Military websites that the HomeAgain chips are also readable in Europe, but we have not yet been able to confirm this.

** Rabies Vaccine Information
A rabies vaccination is considered to be valid if it is older than 30 days but not older than 12 months, unless your cat was vaccinated with a 3-year rabies vaccine.

*** Health Certificate Information
The certificate to be used can be found here.
You have to scroll down to "DOCUMENT".

For more detailed information
The complete text of the regulations can be found here.

Flying with your kitty is easy!

There are 4 major airlines that will allow you to bring your cat with you in the cabin on transatlantic flights. They are Northwest/KLM, Delta, AirFrance and Lufthansa/United. All of these airlines fly into both Hannover (HAJ), and Frankfurt Intl. Airport (FRA).
The regulations are the same as for travel within the continental US there may only be one pet total in first class, only 2 pets total in coach, so you should make reservations for your cat as soon as you book your own ticket. The cost of carrying your pet in the cabin is higher than on US domestic flights, and usually ranges between $110 and $125 USD.