Check In / Vet Check In

Due to the high number of entries there will be an Early Check-In on Friday, 01. September 2006.


To make the Check-In a little more bearable :-) we would like to have some free snacks and 2 free drinks per exhibitor while picking up your show paperwork and doing the vet check


The party will be from 19:00 until 22:00 hrs (7 pm until 10 pm); the vet check will be from 19:30 until 21:00 hrs (7:30 pm until 9 pm). If you will be in Hannover on Friday evening already we would like to welcome you as our guest. Please reserve for the check-in party when filling out the summary sheet.


If you will not arrive until Saturday you can certainly check in  your cats at the show hall Saturday morning from 7:00 until 8:30 hrs (7 am until 8:30 am).


Which documents do I need to bring for my cat?

You need a certification signed and stamped by a veterinarian that your cat has a valid vaccination against rabies, rhinotracheitis, calici, and panleukopenia. A valid vaccination must be older than 30 days, but must not be older than 12 months. Kittens must have been at least 3 months old at the time of vaccination.

Does my cat have to be tattooed or chipped?
This is not necessary for entering the show hall. If you are coming from outside Germany your cat gas to be tattooed or chipped, though!

What happens at the vet check in?
The vet will check your cat's eyes to make sure that they are clear and do not show any signs of an infection. The vet will also check the ears and coat for mites, fleas and other parasites. The vet will usually also check whether the lymph nodes are swollen.

Will the vet take the temperature?
The vet check will be as easy on the cat as possible. Taking the cat's temperature is usually not part of the exam. This would only be done if there is reasonable doubt regarding the cat's health.

How long does the vet check take?
The exam usually takes about 2 - 3 minutes - unless there are signs for illness or parasites.

Do the cats have to be checked on both days?
No. Along with your confirmation you will receive a form for the vet check. The vet will sign and stamp the form on the first day or at the check-in party. A second check will not be necessary.

What happens if my cat does not pass the check?
We cannot allow cats into the show hall if they did not pass the exam. If your cat does not have the required vaccinations or shows signs of illness or parasites it cannot enter the show hall. The vet's judgement is final and cannot be appealed. You will also not be refunded for your entry fees.