General Entry Information

The TICA Annual Awards Show and Banquet 2006 will open for entries on June 19, 2006. Entries, banquet resevations, photography reservations, etc. can be made online or sent in by Fax or postal mail. If you are faxing or sending postal mail, please make sure you use the official entry forms. We will be accepting payment from residents of non-EU countries by credit card and PayPal.


Entry schedule and prices for Early Bird* Entries:

June 19 - July 9, 2006

1st entry: 62

2nd entry: 60

3rd entry: 57

4th and additional entries: 54

* Payment and summary sheet must be received by July 9, 2006!


Entry schedule and prices for Regular Entries:

July 10 - August 18, 2006

1st entry: 66

2nd entry: 63

3rd entry: 59

4th and additional entries: 56


Closing date: August 18, 2006 or when the entry limit (500) is reached, whichever comes first.


Additional Information:

Cage sizes: single cage 70 x 70 x 70 cm; double cage 70 x 140 x 70 cm

If you are planning on bringing a personal cage (i.e. a Sturdi Cage), please make a note of it on your summary sheet. If you need an additional half cage, please remember to fill in the extra cage option on your summary sheet, too.

Vet check: All entries must provide proof of valid rabies vaccination. Entries showing signs of external parasites, ringworm, and/or infectious diseases will not be allowed entrance to the show hall. The decisions of the show veterinarian are final.